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Creating Learning Systems
As Chief Product Officer of Cambio Education, I lead a multidisciplinary team of educators, engineers, artists, writers and filmmakers in the creation of digital learning systems. Filmbook is our first product, launched in April 2014.

Filmbook is a new tablet-based platform for learning any performance-based skill.  Studio Luma, the world’s first Filmbook curriculum, is producing salon-ready stylists in 80+ Regency Beauty Institute campuses across the country.

Building Business Software
As VP of Technology at Regency Beauty Institute, I oversaw the design and development of enterprise information systems, helping drive growth from two campuses in Minnesota to 89 campuses across 20 states. Prior to that I designed and built business software for the banking, telecommunications, behavioral healthcare and insurance industries.

Making Music
I’m a drummer, keyboardist, singer and songwriter. My current project is Noise About Living, a loose collection of Minneapolis and Mid-Atlantic based musicians who record my compositions.