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IT. EdTech. Music.

I build business software, create learning systems, and make music.

Building Business Software
Built a software engineering department to develop enterprise information systems for a B2C service organization operating in a highly-regulated environment. Designed business process automation software, back-office systems integrations and metrics reporting to drive rapid expansion from two locations in Minnesota to 89 locations across 20 states, fueling revenue growth from $5 million to $100 million.

Creating Learning Systems
Conceptualized Filmbook®, a scenario-based mobile learning platform, for vocational edtech startup. Led software, curriculum, design and film teams in two-year development effort to build the platform and the first Filmbook curriculum, a 48-class outcome-based program.

Led the architecture and development of SaaS web applications for early edtech startup and industry leader in online behavioral healthcare learning products. Clients included Fortune 500 companies Magellan Health, Cigna, and United Behavioral Health.

Making Music
I’m a drummer, keyboardist, singer and songwriter. My current project is Noise About Living, a loose collection of Minneapolis and Mid-Atlantic based musicians who record my compositions.